Bryan Scar

"Save my Heart of Wax!"

Colorado Bound - May 27th 2016

Can't Love A Rollin' Stone - May 31st 2017

Joe Uehlein
 (solo artist whose worked with Pete Seeger, John Denver & Steve Earl)
"He's a true talent, the record is remarkable! Honestly, I love it! His guitar work is extraordinary and he has a beautiful voice ~ expressive, clear, great range, and warmth. He's got it all!


Bryan Scar's debut album "Colorado Bound" enlist that great american spirit of hitting the wide open road and seeing where it takes you! On this all original EP you hear upbeat songs in the country western/americana style. Songs like "Country" & "Blue Clouds" bring back an honest sound reminiscent of Johnny Cash & John Denver. This album is currently available on iTunes and Amazon! 


Bryan Scar's 2nd studio album "Can't Love a Rollin' Stone" dives a little deeper into the soul. With songs like "Pictures" & "Touch The Water". It also stays true to some of the upbeat characteristics that made his first EP come together with songs like "Can't Love A Rollin' Stone" & "Blast N' Off"! So be sure to check it out. This album is currently available on iTunes & Amazon!